Art Week Evaluation 2016

Art Week 2016

Please complete the evaluation form about art week. The year 4 staff would like to find out what you liked and disliked about art week and any new skills you have learnt throughout the week. We look forward to reading your responses.

Mrs Hitchen, Miss Beg, Mr Tonge, Mrs Patel and Mrs Moola

Art Week

The Giza Pyramids
Wander through the chambers and passageways of the Great Pyramid, and learn about the pharaohs for whom these monumental tombs were built.

What are Pyramids?
Find out more about the Egyptian Pyramids.

Canopic Jars
It was very important to ancient Egyptian religious beliefs that the human body was preserved. Find out how canopic jars were used to help.

Giza Pyramid Panorama
Explore the Giza Pyramids in this Pyramid Panorama.

The River Nile

Have a look at these websites to find out why the River Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians.

Year 4 Welcome Meeting

Welcome to year 4 2016.  We have included our parents meeting presentation below. Hopefully this will help to showcase what we will cover throughout the year. The presentation covers, trips, lesson topics, P.E and information about the year 4 team.


Year 4 Welcome Meeting


Literacy 4B

Comic Pictures

Science 4B

Task 1

Task 2

Benjamin Franklin:

Michael Faraday:

Thomas Edison:

General sites:


Use the following websites for your research…

Types of Teeth

You will find the following websites helpful for your science work on different types of teeth…..

Edmodo and Twitter

From now on all our e-learning will be done on Edmodo. Please follow our twitter feed to see what we have been up to!

Mrs Binder’s Top Maths Websites


The Human Geography of North America

You may find the following websites helpful for your topic work…


Alaska –

Arizona –

Minnesota –

4B at Raikes Lane

4B have had a great day at Raikes Lane learning all about recycling. We got to wear protective clothing and have a look around the plant, do lots of activities linked to recycling and we made our own gift bags out of recycled materials.


Check out our photos here…

Practise your maths!

Next week is test week so your homework this week is to practise your maths skills and work on areas with which you are struggling.

The website below has questions on all areas of the curriculum so check it out!

Inventor – Trevor Baylis CBE

During world of work week, we were looking at inventions and found out about Trevor Baylis, who invented the wind up radio. We got in contact with Trevor and although he couldn’t come into school to talk to us he said if we sent him some questions he would reply. He sent us two powerpoint presentations back (one for each class) with an individual video on each slide answering our questions. Click the link below to watch them!

In literacy, we have also written some biographies of his life. Click on the link to see a few examples of our writing.