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4C Maths Groups: Turing, Welchmann, Herivel, Alexander and Tutte

Our new maths groups are the names of very clever mathematicians who worked during the Second World War to break the secret codes used by the Germans. The Germans had a special machine like a typewriter (see above) called an ENIGMA machine which turned ordinary sentences into lots of jumbled up letters which looked like […]

Write the co-ordinates of the letters…

What are you up to?

The sun has been shining today and all the butterflies have been enjoying the beautiful weather. All our Painted Lady butterflies have now flown and have joined the other insects for summer. While I was out today, I saw this butterfly. Can you find out its name? 2 dojo points for the person who gets […]

Post a Get Well message for Aadil

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What do you call a young …… ?

At the moment, we are studying habitats in our Topic. We all know the different names of the animals but do we know what their young are called? For example, a young cow is called a calf. What are the young of the following animals called? Use the Internet to help you find out. 1. […]

Can you work out the fractions below?


A Dragon in a Cage

In literacy we have looking at a variety of settings. The setting is where the story takes place. The setting of the story of Nikki, Sajida and the dragon is set in the deep, dark cellar. Why are the girls down there? Write a description of the cellar. Tell the reader about the following things: […]

What job would you do if you were an Ancient Egyptian?

We had a fantastic day today with the Egypt lady and learnt lots of information about the different jobs there were in Ancient Egypt. See if you can find out a little more about one of the following jobs. 1. The Pharaoh 2. The Scribe 3. The Farmer 4. The Soldier

What are your favourite memories of Year 3?

What are your happiest memories of Year 3? Was it one of the trips like Rivington Pike or perhaps you enjoyed the Stockport Air Raid Shelters? Tell me all about it?

Best memories… This year – Year 4

What is your best memory this year that you will remember for a  LONG TIME??? It could be funny, strange or even scary!!! 😀 😛 Write your top 3 here on this blog…        

The Weather Forecast!

This weekend we are supposed to have lots of rain. What is the worst weather you have ever seen? Where was it and when? Was it when it snowed or perhaps when there were really strong winds?

Sports Day!

Today was a brilliant day of sport! Which was your favourite event and why?

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What do know about the Olympics?

  What do you know about he Olympics? It can be anything from Ancient Greece to the Oympic Torch. Write your facts down onto this blog. If you write down 6 interesting facts you will get 4 house points! 😀    

Write a recount…What did you see, hear and smell?

Imagine you have just been transported back in time to Ancient Greece. You arrive just as the Olympics are being held. Continue your story here. Choose one of the days of the Olympics and write a detailed recount about what you saw, heard and smelt. As I entered the town, it was clear that some […]