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Fantasy Stories

In Literacy, we have been looking at fantasy stories.  What is your favourite fantasy story and why? Can you write a fantasy story introduction using this image? A housepoint will be given to the most descriptive and creative.

World Cup

The world cup final is this weekend.  Who do you think will win and why?   Who has been the player of the tournament in your opinion? Do you know which other countries have hosted and won the world cup and which year?

Can you solve the sudoku puzzle

 You can only use the numbers 1-9, once in each box, row and column.  Good luck! select the link:  

Science, changing states

In Science, we  have been discussing changing states.  For example water to ice has turned from a liquid to a solid.  Can you think of some others that we could change the state of? Can you think of anything that could change to all three states (liquid, solid and gas)?

Fraction problem

Use the clues to work out the fraction  

Who are your favourite poets?

After half term we have n exciting poetry topic. Who are your favourite poets?  Explain why you like their poems. If you are unsure, maybe you could read a few poems to find out. You could share some of your favourite lines from a poem.

250 ways to say went. Can you use them?!

Can you use these creatively in a sentence? Let’s see who can put these in a complex sentence? Can you describe a setting, a scene or some action using these words?

Walk to school week

Next week is walk to school week.   How many times a week do you walk to school? Why do you think it is important to walk to school? Can you think of any ways to make walking to school easier, safer and fun?


Bees play a very important role in our environment.  Why is their role so important?  Why are scientist very worried about the bee population?


Select a habitat of your choice.  Which organisms live there?  Why do you think they live there?

Instrument Facts

In science we have been looking at sound and how it is produced through vibrations.  Similar to an information text, let’s see what interesting facts you can find out about instruments of your choice.   

Information Texts

  One of the information text features is an index page.  The index page is set out in a type of order.  Do you know what this order is? Now can you put our spellings for this week into that type of order?


This week New Zealand are voting on a new flag for their country. What do flags in general represent? What do you think both of these New Zealand flags represent? If our country were to design a new flag what would you put on it and why?

Shapes around the world

What can you remember about the properties of shapes? What 2d or 3d shapes can you spot around the classroom, home or in the outside world?

Sound – Natural and Unatural

What natural and unatural sounds did you hear around different parts of the school? Which area was the quietest and what were the sounds there? Which area was the loudest and what were the sounds there? What else do you know about sound?