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The BIG Tidy!!!

Well done Year 4! Christine just emailed me a picture of all the rubbish we collected this morning. When I walked to my car tonight, it definitely looked tidier too. What did you learn during the Big Tidy? What did you enjoy about the morning? Post your replies here.  

How can you improve our environment?

What do you do at home and at school to help improve our environment?  Maybe you can come up with a new idea for something you can do to help.

What have you learnt so far?

Our planet is in trouble but we are doing our very best to help it though. Do we understand though why we are doing all our eco-friendly jobs? Why do we… 1.Recycle paper 2.Turn off the lights 3.Try not to waste food 4.Pick up litter 5.Walk to school If you are not sure then use […]

Make a difference!

What can you do to make a difference? I have decided to try and make a difference and improve the environment. I am going to stop using my car for small journeys and walk instead. What will you do?