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What do know about the Olympics?

  What do you know about he Olympics? It can be anything from Ancient Greece to the Oympic Torch. Write your facts down onto this blog. If you write down 6 interesting facts you will get 4 house points! 😀    


Today we have done the Big Tidy Up! Did you enjoy it? What else can you do to help reduse waste in Bolton. Remember never pick up shattered glass,lights and even glass bottles which aren’t even broken.   

Write a Haiku and Tanka about an animal!

In literacy we are learning about poems. So for this try writing a Haiku and Tanka about these animals! 1. A snake 2. lion 3. penguin 4. moth 5.whale Now try your own  REMEMBER IT IS 575 FOR A HAIKU AND 57577 FOR A TANKA!!

Tudors Quiz

What do you know about the Tudors? Here is a quiz. You’ll get a very well done off me if you get all the answers correct. 1) What were all the Tudor king’s names? 2) Name all of Henry VIII’s wives. 3) Name all of his children. 4) Can you name 3 foods that Henry ate? 5)Name 2 sports he […]


On Wednesday 2nd May 2012, Year 4 went to Heathfield.  We saw: spiders, slugs, ladybirds and ants. They were disgusting!