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What can you find?

Have a look at home and see what mini-beasts you can find living in and around the house. They might be in the bath, by the front door or hiding up on the ceiling. See if you can find out their names and post a list of what you find on the blog. Some people might […]

What does this snake eat and who might eat it?

This is the only poisonous snake in the UK. It is called an adder. Try to find out what it might eat and who might eat it. We call this a food chain. Post your answers below.

Habitats – What lives there and what do they eat?

A habitat is a place where something lives. Examples of different habitats are deserts, jungles, ponds and oceans. There are lots of different habitats. Choose a habitat and then research what animals live there and why. What do they eat? You might choose the desert and then research the animals and plants that live there […]