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Springwatch Live Webcams Click on the linkĀ aboveĀ to watch the live Springwatch nestcams. The two bittern chicks (above) are coming along nicely. To learn more about the birds go to…  

What do you call a young …… ?

At the moment, we are studying habitats in our Topic. We all know the different names of the animals but do we know what their young are called? For example, a young cow is called a calf. What are the young of the following animals called? Use the Internet to help you find out. 1. […]

Habitats and Minibeasts

What do you know about habitats? Are there any habitats you know about? Test your knowledge with this habitat and the minibeasts quiz. 1.Are spiders insects? 2.Where do worms live? 3.Do minibeasts have a abdomen?