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Who are your favourite poets?

After half term we have n exciting poetry topic. Who are your favourite poets?  Explain why you like their poems. If you are unsure, maybe you could read a few poems to find out. You could share some of your favourite lines from a poem.

250 ways to say went. Can you use them?!

Can you use these creatively in a sentence? Let’s see who can put these in a complex sentence? Can you describe a setting, a scene or some action using these words?

Information Texts

  One of the information text features is an index page.  The index page is set out in a type of order.  Do you know what this order is? Now can you put our spellings for this week into that type of order?

4P Cover it Live


How many things can you see?

How many objects can you see in the picture? Describe each one with an adjective. E.g. A leather armchair

4P – Effective Language

4P – Effective Language

Fill the jam sandwich…

Can you think of a really good embedded clause? Complete these sentences. The horse, which __________________________, jumped over the fence. The clown, who ____________________________, slipped and fell into a bucket. The lion-tamer, who ___________________________, was eaten by the lions.

A Dragon in a Cage

In literacy we have looking at a variety of settings. The setting is where the story takes place. The setting of the story of Nikki, Sajida and the dragon is set in the deep, dark cellar. Why are the girls down there? Write a description of the cellar. Tell the reader about the following things: […]

Can you explain what this is? How does it work?

Can you write an explanation text all about this machine? Write a few sentences for your introductory paragraph explaining what it is. Then tell me how it works! Include Causal connectives like BECAUSE or SO.