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All About 5S!

We went to our new class today and half of the class (like me!!)like Mrs Pandor.She asked us what we want in our classroom to make it more enjoyabale.I want you to write about what you really want!!!!!  

Summer Holidays!!

Summer holidays are coming up.Write about what you think or you are going to do.The best one with lots of adjectives and adverbs will get 1 dojo. Good Luck!!!!!!!

Global Warming!

The Earth is wrapped in a blanket of air called the ‘atmosphere’, which is made up of several layers of gases. The sun is much hotter than the Earth and it gives off rays of heat (radiation) that travel through the atmosphere and reach the Earth. The rays of the sun warm the Earth, and […]

Respect Each Other!

I want some of you guys to write another acrostic poem about respect! I want you to challenge yourself by trying to do a seven letter word like respect. When you have tried to do it then you need to show respect, kindness and caring everywhere!

The Summer Fair

[ – *Glitter Words*] The Summer Fair is coming up in June so start saving up!! There will be alot of stalls like Hook A Duck, Lucky Dip, A barbecue, there might be Sponge The Teacher and there will be alot more. What do you enjoy most about our Summer Fair?