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Brain Teaser…

I think of a number. I multiply it by 2, then add 7, then subtract 4 and then divide it by 3. The answer I get is two more than the number of days in a week. What was my original number?

Shapes around the world

What can you remember about the properties of shapes? What 2d or 3d shapes can you spot around the classroom, home or in the outside world?

How many combinations are there when you roll two dice?

If I have two dice and I roll them, how many possible outcomes could I get? Can you list them all? E.g. I might roll a 1 and a 1 Then what might I roll?

AT1 of course…

How many different ways can you get to the number 992? Can you do ten? Challenge yourself and do some tricky calculations. _____ + _____ + ______ = 992 e.g. 900 + 90 + 2 Mr C.

AT1 – How heavy are the cats?

Get your daily dose of AT1…

So for example I might say 11 13 1 which adds up to 25 nuts. How many can you do? Mr C.

What is a square number?

What is a square number? Can you remember? Think about your times tables. A square number is the number you get when you times a number by itself. So 3×3=9 and 9 is the square number. Write down all the square numbers you can think of. See if you can find more than 10. Mr […]

Some more AT1

  Can you make these totals using the cards? See if you can do all 7. Mr Connaughton

Word Problems…

There are thirty-three people riding the first train. Another twenty-one people are on the second train. How many people are there on both trains? Allison drove her car thirty-five kilometers to get to an art museum. On the way back she found a shortcut and only drove fifteen kilometers. How many kilometers did she drive […]

Funny Money Problems…

In my pocket I find a 10p 5p 2p 20p 1p Using three different coins each time, find 10 different amounts of money. You will win a dojo point if you get 10. Here is one for free…. 10p + 20p +1p = 31p Now try using the other coins.

AT1 Puzzle

  So I might start with 6 + 5 + 1 = 12

Write the co-ordinates of the letters…

Get your Maths brains working again…

  Click on the sums to make them larger.

What are the missing numbers?

Write out the full number sentences. What are the missing numbers?

How many multiples can you find?