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Yr 5

Yr 5 What are you looking forward to in yr5 ? It might be the trips !! The best one gets a dojo!    

Chess Tournament

As you some of you may already  know there is going to be a chess tournament on Tuesday 9th of July. I know I cant wait!! What about you??

School Target

Our school target is to make the right choices so make sure you are doing that in class too!!

Sports Day!!!

  Next week we will hopefully be going to Essa Academy for our sports day on Tuesday so remember your P.E kits. Your challenge is to write your favourite sport and which place you’re best at. For example if it is cricket you might be best at fielding!! 1 dojo for who ever answers!!


Do all these letters have a line of symmetry? 1. Z 2. B 3. K 4. J 5.H 6.N 7.T Write yes or no for each one! 1 dojo if you get them all right!!

Summer Fair

doctor reviews The summer fair is not far away so start bringing your crisps in but make sure it is a multi-pack crisp packet!! Why don’t you give ideas of crisps you can bring in. It might even  be hula hoops !! I’m looking forward to it!!

Shape Facts

    What do you know about these shapes?? A square…. A rectangle… An octagon…. A triangle….. And also a hexagon. 1 dojo for excellent answers!!    


    Your challenge is to describe how it would be like to be lost in a maze……… Describe your feelings in detail. 1 dojo will be earnt  for an excellent piece of writing!  Good Luck!!


Your challenge is to write a slogan (catch phrase) like we did on our bike posters.It has to be about recycling! 1 dojo for the best one! Good luck And don’t forget to RECYCLE.


rate my photos   As you know in Literacy with Miss Skipworth, we did the story of Leon and the Place Between. I want you to list things you liked about it and what you disliked. Maybe you liked the entrances of the characters or you liked Abdul-Kazam! Also list 2 good questions that you […]

Similarities and differences????

Custom Glitter Text   Yes, I ate his  homework,                                                                                                                                                                            You think I’m a liar! So kind of you, teacher, to go and inquire. It’s just that when hungry, despite what you think, there’s nothing more tasty than paper and ink, unless it’s some slippers or brand-new soft shoes, or maybe a sheet of some basted raw […]

Quiz Time

free photo rating 1. How many legs do insects have? 2. Name 4 places where an insects could live? 3. Describe an insect? 4. What do they eat? 5. Do all insects fly? First three people to reply and get all the correct answers get  1 dojo!!!  

cleaning the environment

Custom Glitter Text I want you to write 50 words of why the environment needs to be clean. Include all the detail because the top 2 will get 2 house points and 1 dojo point. Good Luck!! 

what is an insect???

Custom Glitter Text Your challenge is to write what makes an insect an insect. What features do they have? Choose one insect and name all the body parts. Do they have wings or not? 2 house points will be rewarded for the best most detailed one!