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Science, changing states

In Science, we  have been discussing changing states.  For example water to ice has turned from a liquid to a solid.  Can you think of some others that we could change the state of? Can you think of anything that could change to all three states (liquid, solid and gas)?


Bees play a very important role in our environment.  Why is their role so important?  Why are scientist very worried about the bee population?


Select a habitat of your choice.  Which organisms live there?  Why do you think they live there?

Instrument Facts

In science we have been looking at sound and how it is produced through vibrations.  Similar to an information text, let’s see what interesting facts you can find out about instruments of your choice.   

Sound – Natural and Unatural

What natural and unatural sounds did you hear around different parts of the school? Which area was the quietest and what were the sounds there? Which area was the loudest and what were the sounds there? What else do you know about sound?


Our new science topic after half term will be sound. What do you know about sound?  How does it travel?  How do we hear sound? Try some research on this website to find out more:

Insulators and Conductors

What would make a good insulator and why? What would make a good conductor and why?