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Post a Get Well message for Aadil

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The Olympics…

The Olympics are nearly here. We will be learning alot about them next week. What are you looking forward to about the Olympics and why? Do you know anyone who has tickets? Who is your favourite Olympic athlete? Visit Mrs Rawlinson’s blog page at… There will be 2 house points for anyone she tells […]

What is so special about the cuckoo?

  It is nearly May and a very special bird called a cuckoo will soon be arriving all the way from Africa. Can you find out some information about it? A cuckoo is does something very special unlike any other bird. Can you find out what it is? Visit this web page and you can […]

Sign up to Sumdog…

  I have found a new website that has brilliant interactive games. It is called Sumdog and it is free. To sign up, go to this link… and click on the ‘sign up for free’ link. Then enter your details. You will need a grown-up to put in their email address for you so […]

The Fire!

  The fire burned all around. Everywhere I looked, all I could see was red, yellow and orange. The heat was intense. I found it hard to breathe. Suddenly I saw a small wooden door…

Watch out for Slogans!

  Over the weekend, watch out for slogans in adverts on the television. Post any you see on here.

Shapes links…

  This a symmetry game. Spot the symmetrical shapes. You can choose pictures or letters. This is the 3D shape matching game you asked for. Enjoy.