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4P Tudor Project

Tudors Henry VIII research

Our new topic after the Christmas holidays will be the Tudors. Henry VIII was king during this time. See what interesting information you can find out about him. What kind of person was he? Did he have any hobbies, maybe unexpected hobbies? House points for interesting information that nobody else has found!

American Spellings

Americans spell lots of words differently from us. How many can you find? For example, they spell night as nite.

What do you know about America?

Egypt Day

What do you know about Egypt?

What do you know about Egypt? We have done lots of gathering and organising our information so far in Topic. Post here what you already know. Please check your spelling carefully. Mr Connaughton

Homework 1.5.13

Date: 29.4.13                 Due back by: Tuesday 7th May  9AM Topic: What is an endangered animal? See if you can   find out what one is and then gather some information about one. For example   you might choose a tiger. Then find out some interesting facts about that   animal and perhaps why it is […]