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Tudor Crime and Punishment

What happened if you were caught committing a crime in Tudor times? Did they have a Police Service just like ours? Post what you can find out here. Here is a website to help you.

Tudors Henry VIII research

Our new topic after the Christmas holidays will be the Tudors. Henry VIII was king during this time. See what interesting information you can find out about him. What kind of person was he? Did he have any hobbies, maybe unexpected hobbies? House points for interesting information that nobody else has found!

Smithills Hall…

What did you enjoy most about our trip to Smithills Hall? Was it dressing up as a Tudor? Perhaps you enjoyed the Tudor feast or the ghost story. Post your comments here.

Tudor sports and hobbies…

What is the name of this Tudor sport? Which others can you think of? What did Henry VIII like to do in his spare time?